BDI Network

Within our internationally present network, we are able to bundle all individual competences and technical expertise and to offer a wide-ranging selection of services.

Research cooperation projects with universities that have proved their worth over many years:

Tried-and-tested partnerships for the realization of large-scale industrial projects:

  • VTU
    Know-how provider; engineers and manufacturers of process plants for various industrial sectors
  • UIC
    Market leader in the field of vacuum distillation (components and plants for the gentle separation of liquid mixtures by means of fine-vacuum distillation).
  • PIA Automation Austria / Automation X
    Provider of integrated automation technology solutions;
    process control systems for BioDiesel & BioGas plants
  • eposC
    Provider of Smart Control solutions for process optimization
  • OMV
    BDI bioCRACK pilot facility
  • Green Tech Cluster
    The Green Tech Valley is the global hotspot for innovative energy and environmental technologies. Located in Styria, Austria it is home to 200 companies and research institutions developing the green technologies of the future.