BDI Anlagenbau GmbH has been founded by Wilhelm Hammer and Helmut Gössler in 1996 and jointly headed the company for 15 years.

From when the company went public in 2006 until mid 2011, Hammer and Gössler remained on the Board as CEO and CTO respectively.
They continue to contribute in an advisory role and as shareholders.

1991 First BioDiesel plant worldwide opens in Mureck (AUT)
1994 First plant to manufacture BioDiesel from used cooking oil opens in Mureck (AUT)
1996 Establishment of BDI Anlagenbau GmbH
1998 Construction of the first Multi-Feedstock BioDiesel plant in the USA
2006 Start of research operations to develop technology for the cultivation of microalgae
2006 Change of the legal form of the company to an “Aktiengesellschaft”, IPO at Frankfurt Stock Exchange
2007 Start of biomass to liquid (BtL) research operations
2008 Takeover of the vacuum distillation specialist UIC GmbH (DE)
2010 Expansion of the product portfolio: biogas technology and implementation of the first BioGas plant in Pamukova/Turkey
Establishment of locations in France and Turkey
Successful operation of the first bioCRACK pilot plant at the OMV refinery in Schwechat/Vienna
2015 Establishment of BDI-BioLife Science GmbH
2016 20th anniversary of BDI’s establishment