RetroFit References

Based on our many years experience in BioDiesel plant construction, BDI is able to identify improvement possibilities in any existing plant and to draw up and implement appropriate solutions. Ever since the introduction of the RetroFit programme, BDI has proved this competence in numerous fully implemented projects, making plants with highly different underlying technologies all over the world fit for the future.

Key facts reference plants

  • Location: Bakersfield
  • Customer: Crimson Renewable Energy L.P.
  • Implemented in: 2014
  • Underlying technology: BDI Multi-Feedstock
  • Scope: BioDiesel purification step, installation of by-product treatment
  • Result: Improve of BioDiesel and glycerine quality, implementation of new by-product (fertilizer)
    Delivery of process vessels and tricanter
    Increase of profitability with high quality materials
  • Location: Scotland
  • Customer: Argent Energy
  • Implemented in: 2011
  • Underlying technology: BDI Multi-Feedstock
  • Scope: Implementation of raw material preparation and High-FFA esterification
  • Result: Use of cheaper raw materials, capacity expansion, improvement of profitability

Other RetroFit projects

  • Renewable Energy Group (REG) – implementation of new transesterification and BioDiesel washing process
  • Barcelona, Spain – new phase separation unit for glycerine processing
  • Lünen, Germany – sulphur reduction unit
  • Altorricon, Spain – BioDiesel distillation
  • Malchin, Germany – modification of process control system
  • Arnoldstein, Austria – waste water treatment plant
  • Malchin, Germany – sulphur reduction unit