RetroFit Technology

Every BioDiesel plant is unique. For this reason, one-fits-all solutions to improve individual parameters such as yield, product quality or flexibility in terms of raw materials are not productive.

For optimum results, a customized overall concept needs to be developed for each plant and only those technological solutions be implemented that best fit the individual facility.

No one does this better than BDI: building on our experience gained in more than 30 realized BioDiesel plants using our own technology, we are able to identify and optimize the correct individual elements to make a successful whole. 
The result – sustainable improvement of your plant performance.

Process optimization

In many cases where quality requirements and capacity volumes are not complied with, this failure is due to the fact that the basic layout of the technology does not reflect all framework conditions in the best possible manner.
As we have a wide range of BioDiesel technologies available, there are countless possibilities for process optimization – from adjustments in the use of operating materials all the way to the complex integration of new process steps – a great many things may be done.

Preparation of raw materials

To be able to use raw materials of different qualities for BioDiesel production, it is necessary to remove components that hinder and inhibit the process. The wide range of different raw materials such as vegetable oils, used cooking oil, animal fats and trap grease means that there is a broad spectrum of products available for preparing these materials.


To comply with increasingly stringent, essential parameters in the current BioDiesel standards – for instance monoglycerine content, overall contamination or sulphur content – it is often necessary to install a downstream distillation column. 
Based on the know-how that we have accumulated over the years, BDI has developed several different distillation options.

High-FFA esterification

Raw materials with a high content of free fatty acids (more than 20%) cannot be processed into standard-compliant BioDiesel without the appropriate pre-treatment. BDI has developed a process for this that allows for the utilization of raw materials with a free fatty acid content of up to 99%, for instance distilled palm fatty acids (PFAD), animal fats and trap grease. This entails several benefits for plant operators, for instance the opening up of new sources of raw materials, lower overall raw material costs and the use of fewer chemicals.

Glycerine distillation

Glycerine is a by-product of BioDiesel production with a standard purity of 80%. By means of additional processing steps, it can be turned into a higher-grade product that is a great deal more profitable on the chemicals market as it is used in a number of technical and pharmaceutical applications. Depending on customer specifications and the raw material used, BDI is able to upgrade glycerine into technical glycerine (purity content from 98.5%) according to the pharmacopoeia.