bioCRACK - Technology

BioCrack Anlage In the patented bioCRACK process, with the help of liquid phase pyrolysis in a hot carrier oil with temperatures of up to 400°C and atmospheric pressure due to pyrolysis reaction the solid biomass (e.g. Wood or straw) is transformed in short-chain hydrocarbons. Due to the interaction between biomass and carrier oil, hydrocarbons with high hydrogen saturation arise which originate from the carrier oil as well as from the biomass. This innovative approach only gains on economic importance due to a decisive technical detail. The carrier oil is replaced by a cost effective intermediate product from the oil refinery (vacuum gas oil – VGO) at the bioCRACK process. This intermediate product is not directly usable as fuel because at room temperature it shows a similar consistency as margarine. In a refinery, the VGO has to be devided and processed under high temperature and pressure with help of a fluidised bed cracker (FCC). With this treatment the VGO is transformed in Diesel only in low parts but more in short-chained petrol, which in Europe can’t be settled in this amount and has to be exported. BDI provides this unique service for mineral oil companies to produce 2nd generation biofuels.

Advantages of bioCRACK

  • feasible with little technical effort and cost effective to operate
  • high feedstock flexibility and quick to apply
  • synergy effects between BtL-technology and conventional mineral oil industry
  • the end product can be fed into refinery directly
  • the product can, with an existing refinery unit, be implemented into a diesel-like fuel phase with biogenic share, which meets the existing diesel fuel standard EN590
  • through existing distribution channels the produced fuel can directly reach the users/consumers – without adaption of the distribution network
  • verifiable GHG savings of significantly more than 83% according of  to a study of the Joanneum Research, 2015
  • the by-products like lean gas and pyrolysis products (pyrolysis oil, coal) can be utilized energetically or be enhanced into valuable products