BioDiesel Technology

BDI is the market and technology leader in the construction of customized BioDiesel plants based on the Multi-Feedstock procedure that we developed. This patented technology allows us to turn a wide range of raw materials such as animal fat, used cooking oil, trap grease and vegetable oils into high-grade BioDiesel that exceeds the most stringent quality standards such as EN14214 and ASTM D6751. This technology imposes no restrictions in terms of FFA content – the entire content of free fatty acids is turned into BioDiesel, allowing for yields of up to 100%. The unique flexibility in the use of raw materials, the highest possible yield, the quality of the product, the low operating and maintenance costs and the well-known reliability of BDI plants ensure the highest level of economic viability.

No restrictions for FFA

For the processing of raw materials with a particularly high content of free fatty acids (FFA), BDI has developed its RepCat technology. This highly innovative process allows for the processing of raw materials with an FFA content of up to 100%. A further benefit that distinguishes RepCat from other industrial processes is that it yields a completely saline-free glycerine grade with a minimum glycerine content of 95%, achieved through the complete recycling of the catalyser. The glycerine thus produced is a highly sought-after, easily marketable product used in a wide range of applications in other industries.

Technological competitive advantages

  • Maximum flexibility in terms of raw materials – no restrictions regarding FFA content
  • Highest possible yield
  • No waste accumulated during the process – only reusable by-products
  • Exceeds all current and future quality standards
  • Many years’ global experience in large-scale industrial applications