BioGas Technology

Substrate Management

BDI BioGas technology enables us to produce high-grade BioGas from any kind of organic waste and residual material. In addition to any desired mixture of different raw materials, our technology is also capable of processing a single type of raw material, without adding further substrates.

Anaerobic fermentation & BioGas treatment

Our highly developed BDI BioGas technology is especially intended for BioGas production from a wide range of different, sophisticated industrial and municipal waste products that are available all year round. We guarantee the highest possible level of efficiency for any starting material, thus also ensuring extremely high profitability.

Fermentation residue processing & waste water purification

Fermentation residue is a precious by-product of the fermentation process that may be further processed into clean water and fertilizer. The separation is performed by the BDI fermentation residue processing technology where the liquid content is treated in the membrane-bio reactor (MBR) system to yield clean water.

Energy conversion

BioGas from reused material is a flexible source of energy and may be used for the following applications:

  • Production of electricity, steam and hot water by means of a combined heat and power unit
  • Production of heat for local supply
  • Purified bio-methane that may be fed into the gas grid or used as a bio-fuel for vehicles

BioGas Technologie

BioGas Technologie


  • Customized, complete industrial solutions
    Implemented by a reliable, professional plant construction expert
  • Continuous, permanent operation
    No deposit of settling sediments (e.g. sand, glass etc.) in the system
  • Low operating cost, high flexibility in terms of raw materials
    No chemical additives, even the highest nitrate values in the substrate are admissible
  • High degradation rate and fast gas production
    Patented fermenter design to support optimum contact between the substrate and micro-organisms. Prevention of foam formation and floating layers.