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Here you have access to press releases and articles as well as current information on BDI’s participation in tradeshows and conferences.


BDI receives Living Standards Award

Standards for algae products for the first time

The Styrian plant manufacturer BDI-BioEnergy International has specialized in the development of resource-saving technologies. The idea of using algae in the industry is increasingly occupying the branch. The problem is that the use of algae in industry requires the constant production of high-quality raw materials from algae regardless of location.

BDI has now succeeded in developing its own algae cultivation system that guarantees precisely these conditions. To ensure that this process can be applied internationally, the Raaba-Grambach-based company is currently working at European level on those standards that will in future ensure quality control for the customer with regard to the purity or concentration of the algae oil.

Austrian Standards has awarded BDI-BioEnergy the Living Standards Award for its participation in the development of standards for the uniform use of algae in industry.


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BDI receives order to plan an innovative special plant

The Styrian plant engineering company BDI - BioEnergy International GmbH is working together with REMONDIS and HAMBURG WASSER on a funded project for phosphorus recovery.

  • Plant for recycling 6,500 tons of high-purity phosphoric acid
  • Project has been funded by the German Ministry of the Environment since 2017

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Official ground-breaking ceremony in Hartberg: BDI Life Science Technology becomes reality

Together with its subsidiary BDI - BioLife Science GmbH, BDI is taking the first step in implementing its innovative algae technology.

  • Own technology for industrial algae cultivation
  • High-quality, algae-based raw materials for the life science sector

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BDI receives another major order from a US customer

The Styrian plant manufacturer BDI - BioEnergy International AG has been commissioned to build a BioDiesel plant of the latest generation in the USA.

  • Waste grease disposal for Greater Los Angeles using patented BDI RepCAT technology
  • Conversion of fatty waste materials into quality bio-diesel
  • First plant of this type in the USA

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Starting signal for the construction of an innovative microalgae production plant

BDI-BioEnergy International, which has so far been particularly renowned for the development and construction of BioDiesel plants, is now, together with its 100% subsidiary BDI-BioLife Science GmbH, taking the first step towards implementing an algae technology developed in-house.

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BDI: Styrian Leading Membership Award Ceremony

BDI was officially awarded the membership certificate on July 18th 2017.

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BDI wins the renowned GreenTec Award in the "Energy" category

BDI - BioEnergy International AG was awarded the international environmental prize at the festive gala on 12th May 2017.

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BDI - BioEnergy International AG starts the new year with another RetroFit order from the USA

The Styrian plant manufacturer BDI - BioEnergy International AG is expanding its presence in the American market by optimising another BioDiesel plant.

  • Modernization of an existing plant in the USA

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Delisting of BDI - BioEnergy International AG at the end of 2016

BDI – BioEnergy International AG (the “Company”) announces that it was notified by the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (“FSE”) today that, upon application of the Company of December 7, 2016, the admission of its shares (ISIN: AT0000A02177) to trading on the regulated market of the FSE was revoked (“Delisting”). The delisting will become effective upon the end of December 22, 2016. The Company expects that it will not be possible to trade its shares over a stock exchange after this point in time.

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Business news

The Evolution of BioDiesel Technologies

Hermann Stockinger, CSO at BDI, talked about the Evolution of BioDiesel Technologies in the course of the virtual Biodiesel Production Technology Summit.


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Waste-based Feedstock

Christine Riedl, Technical Sales Manager and RetroFit Expert at BDI, talked about waste-based feedstock and its pretreatment in the course of the virtual Biodiesel Production Technology Summit.


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Investigating catalyst killers

The invormative article in the Sept/Oct issue of Biofuels International Magazine deals with the topic "Pre-treatment technologies to solve problems in waste-based feedstock production"


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Influence of Methanol on Prion Reduction during High Temperature and High Pressure Oleochemical Processes

Together with Prof. Glatzel from the Institute of Neuropathology at the University in Hamburg-Eppendorf, BDI was involved in a publication in the well-known specialist journal
European Journal of Lipid Science & Technology on "The influence of methanol on prion reduction in oleochemical processes at high temperature and pressure".


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BIOFIT promotes the introduction of RetroFitting in five industrial sectors of bioenergy in Europe.

As part of the BIOFIT project, we interviewed Dr. Edgar Ahn, who provides his expertise in the RetroFitting of biodiesel plants.


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Joint Evolution

Biodiesel Magazine is dedicated to the topic of pretreatment and how technology providers are adapting and expanding their pretreatment offerings to become more specialized in the processing of wastebased feedstock.


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Algae Oil to Biodiesel: A Practical Application

Within the All-Gas Project of Europe’s 7th framework programme for research and technological development, BDI-BioEnergy International demonstrates algae oil extraction, characterization and conversion to biodiesel using its RepCat process.

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Biodiesel’s Cutting Edge

Biodiesel Magazine profiles technologies, products and services which are on the frontline of change in this industry.


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World-first Fatberg Autopsy for Channel 4 reveals UK sewer secrets

A pioneering one-off special for Channel 4 has revealed the filthy secrets contained within a supersized fatberg.

Channel 4 | April 2018

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