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Algae Oil to Biodiesel: A Practical Application

Within the All-Gas Project of Europe’s 7th framework programme for research and technological development, BDI-BioEnergy International demonstrates algae oil extraction, characterization and conversion to biodiesel using its RepCat process.

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Biodiesel’s Cutting Edge

Biodiesel Magazine profiles technologies, products and services which are on the frontline of change in this industry.


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World-first Fatberg Autopsy for Channel 4 reveals UK sewer secrets

A pioneering one-off special for Channel 4 has revealed the filthy secrets contained within a supersized fatberg.

Channel 4 | April 2018

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Fat and the City - BDI article

The economic and environmental advantages of waste-based biodiesel are evident and BDI’s technology is fit for the purpose.

Biodiesel Magazin | January 2018

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The electric car is not the saviour

The future belongs to the electric car. But can they really help to solve the biggest environmental problems?

n-TV |  January 2018

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All-Gas enters next phase of biogas from algae project

The All-Gas project is co-financed by the European Commission within its Seventh Framework Programme to demonstrate the large scale use of algae for waste water purification and the subsequent use of the produced algae biomass for production of biofuels and biogas.

December 2017

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Styrian technology converts wood and straw into fuel

The biomass-to-liquid process developed by BDI can be used to convert wood and straw into high-quality BioDiesel.

November 2017

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Styrian technology and the Fatberg in London

How high-quality BioDiesel is produced from waste

Kleine Zeitung | September 2017

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The Diesel Debate

Reader thoughts on emissions and future-oriented solutions

Kleine Zeitung | August 2017

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Information Covid-19

Dear business partner,
We would like to provide you with the following information regarding the handling of the current Covid-19 situation here at BDI.

Since Monday 16 March, our employees have been given the instruction to work from home to minimize the risk of infection and to ensure that childcare is maintained. Currently any visits to clients and other business trips are only permitted in case of emergency.

You can still reach us at our usual e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. In case the entire company has to be converted to home-office, you will find the most important contact details on our website.

With these measures, we want to do our part to minimize the rapid spread of the virus, but we are keen to maintain our services for you in the usual quality.