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The earth’s climate is changing – but are companies fit for green business? The Styrian company BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH is a pioneering company in green technologies and successfully realizes projects worldwide that lead to a sustainable future.

BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH, based in Raaba-Grambach near Graz, is specialized in the implementation of resource-saving technologies for the valorization of residual and waste products from industry and commerce.

More than 25 years ago, the idea of obtaining biodiesel from waste-based feedstock was born. By developing the patented Multi-Feedstock technology, BDI launched the ultimate solution for converting waste fats and oils of all kinds into standard-compliant biodiesel. More than 70 plant projects have been implemented internationally since then, making the company market leader in this field. But even with this mature technology, BDI is still far from reaching its final goal – the journey continues.

Clever, sustainable solutions are necessar

Until only several years ago, industry conflicted with environmental protection. And even today, it is not easy to make industrial processes efficient and environmentally friendly – however, it is possible. Innovative ideas and clever, sustainable solutions are now more in demand than ever as they help reduce environmental pollution, revolutionize the production of raw material and generate sustainable recyclables. Besides major international projects and with more than 320 patent applications, BDI is the leading company in the field of biodiesel made from waste materials and the perfect partner to offer customer-specific, sustainable solutions.

Technologies for a green future

The company is aimed at the efficient upgrading of waste and residual materials. In addition to its current business area, BDI’s GreenTech Solutions division offers full-service engineering and consulting solutions for other sectors and industries to advance ecological ideas and implement customized technologies. In this way, GreenTech Solutions supports companies seeking solutions for plastics upcycling, phosphorus recycling and other applications in making significant contributions to the circular economy and in their attempts to reduce CO2 emissions.

GreenTech Solutions offers provisions for the latest technologies – from idea to concept to market maturity – with the aim of significantly increasing production efficiency, reducing and optimizing waste streams to achieve the best possible independence in raw material procurement. This proverbial “circular economy” enables sustainable production and subsequently makes our planet more liveable and environmentally friendly. But how does this work exactly?

“Technology Readiness Level”

On the way from idea to start-up, an innovation passes through different “Technology Readiness Levels”. These levels describe the customer’s current state in the technology development process. Whether it is a question of conception, initial laboratory trials, testing of special process steps, upscaling to pilot scale or practical tests for green technologies – support is provided along the entire value chain to plant construction and commissioning. GreenTech Solutions offers individual plant solutions for liquid-phase-chemical processes, for example, when innovative, industrial product solutions or sustainable technologies and an expansion of capacities are required. BDI’s latest milestone: the upcycling of previously non-recyclable plastic waste.

SynCycle – unwasting plastic

GreenTech Solutions’ research and development successfully bring plastic waste back into the cycle. In cooperation with the Next Generation Group, a technology for chemical recycling of synthetic materials – plastics of all kinds – is currently being developed. Regarding the creation of this waste stream, nothing will change anytime soon due to technological immaturity. What must change, however, is the way this valuable resource is handled. Thus, the motto is, “From waste to value”. Through a unique chemical recycling process, plastic re-enters the value chain so that plastic waste that cannot be recycled is kept in the cycle so that its value is retained. In so doing, added value as well as climate and environmental protection are promoted.

Jointly towards a greener future

We need different solutions and various environmentally friendly technologies to achieve the targeted climate goals. The Austrian Green Tech Valley, the region of Styria and Carinthia, is considered a special technology hotspot for climate protection and the circular economy and provides an ideal framework for BDI to exploit synergies and advance sustainable technologies. Around 260 companies and research institutions based in the south of Austria are meticulously working on solutions for the energy turnaround and are pushing on the transformation towards the ecological age. Already thinking in terms of these cycles is an important prerequisite for successfully moving towards a green future.

The prospective challenges are clear: with plenty of green, sustainable ideas and outstanding technologies in the development of chemical processes, the experts at GreenTech Solutions are the link between sustainable process ideas and their industrial implementations. They ensure that industry and the economy are fit for a green future and help create a liveable foundation for a clean planet.

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published in Forbes daily Austria

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