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New dual leadership – reinforcement at BDI-BioEnergy International

Strategic Reframing and New Managerial Duo at the Styrian World Market Leader BDI

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Europe's largest biodiesel plant

Grand opening of the third BDI RepCAT plant

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California's largest biodiesel plant

A valuable contribution to minimizing the ecological footprint.

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Most innovative biodiesel production plant in Europe

An important contribution to sustainable circular economy in Hungary.


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RetroFit for REG

BDI-BioEnergy International upgrades German biodiesel plants for Renewable Energy Group: RetroFit concept lifts plant capabilities to a new level


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BDI: 25 years

The specialist Styrian biodiesel plant manufacturer and producer of algae-based life-science goods celebrates their 25-year company anniversary.

  • Technological leadership for 25 years
  • Innovative pioneer for 25 years
  • Exemplary visionary for 25 years

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BioDiesel production as a safe disposal route for high-risk fats

RepCAT, a new process by BDI-BioEnergy International, Austrian plant manufacturer and technology provider, has been approved

  • BDI’s RepCAT technology approved for safe disposal of high-risk fat material.
  • World’s first biodiesel production process to use a recyclable catalyst.
  • Using this technology, 3 plants are currently being built.


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Biggest order in BDI’s company history

The American company Cargill is investing in a state-of-the-art biodiesel plant in Belgium, using Austrian technology.

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BDI receives Living Standards Award

Standards for algae products for the first time

The Styrian plant manufacturer BDI-BioEnergy International has specialized in the development of resource-saving technologies. The idea of using algae in the industry is increasingly occupying the branch. The problem is that the use of algae in industry requires the constant production of high-quality raw materials from algae regardless of location.

BDI has now succeeded in developing its own algae cultivation system that guarantees precisely these conditions. To ensure that this process can be applied internationally, the Raaba-Grambach-based company is currently working at European level on those standards that will in future ensure quality control for the customer with regard to the purity or concentration of the algae oil.

Austrian Standards has awarded BDI-BioEnergy the Living Standards Award for its participation in the development of standards for the uniform use of algae in industry.


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BDI receives order to plan an innovative special plant

The Styrian plant engineering company BDI - BioEnergy International GmbH is working together with REMONDIS and HAMBURG WASSER on a funded project for phosphorus recovery.

  • Plant for recycling 6,500 tons of high-purity phosphoric acid
  • Project has been funded by the German Ministry of the Environment since 2017

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