Advanced PreTreatment

The unique feedstock PreTreatment Process

Renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) plants are focusing on using all different types of oils and fats, from fresh soybean oil to animal fat from a rendering plant. Such plants require high feedstock quality and extremely low contaminations by, e.g. phosphorus or metals. Taken all together, the key for a successful design of a feedstock PreTreatment plant is high expertise regarding fresh and waste oils, as well as a deep understanding of the requirements and the specific characteristics of the downstream process.

For more than 25 years, BDI has been gaining vast experience in PreTreatment of various types of available feedstock. The result is the advanced PreTreatment process, a flexible and modular process to handle all kinds of oils and fats.


Several waste feedstock can contain high levels of free fatty acids (FFA). In case the feedstock is used in co-processing applications where corrosion may occur if the reactors are not designed for a certain acidity, BDI also has the technology to remove FFA from the feedstock or to convert FFA back into triglycerides.

Fresh Vegetable Oils

Vegetable oils require a simple PreTreatment process as the impurity levels are lower compared to waste oils and fats. However, these impurities also need to be removed in a specific process to avoid catalyst poisoning in the downstream process.

Used cooking oil (UCO)

Used cooking oils are a very valuable recycling material for renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel production. The largest quantities are generated in industry and commerce. The quality and the impurity level of UCO strongly depend on their source, which has to be considered regarding the process design.

Animal fats

Animal fats are available on the market in different qualities. Processing animal fats requires attention to additional topics, like the content of plastic in animal fats. Therefore, BDI uses a unique and patented process to remove such substances from the feedstock.

Waste streams from palm oil production

Several waste streams from the palm oil production, like POME (palm oil mill effluent), PSO (palm sludge oil) or EFB (extracted oil from empty fruit bunches), can be used as renewable feedstock.

Other waste feedstock

Several more waste oils and fats are available that can be used for the renewable diesel production, like distillers corn oil or trap grease. An important aspect for all feedstock is that the PreTreatment process is designed to handle and pre-treat them in an appropriate way.

PreTreatment Technology
Advanced PreTreatment Process

The BDI advanced PreTreatment Process is a special process designed to purify vegetable oils and waste oils and fats for renewable diesel and SAF production. The process is based on BDI’s long-term experience in all kinds of oils and fats.

Polyethylene Reduction

BDI’s PE Reduction unit uses an approach to overcome the drawbacks from filtration-based PE reduction stages. BDI’s process works entirely without filtration. The polyethylene particles are bound to a support material and separated from the feedstock.

Technological competitive advantages
  • Flexible and modular process: core units and additional units based on specific feedstock requirements suitable for a broad range of feedstock
  • Robust and efficient pre-purification unit, specially designed for processing waste oils and fats
  • Unique, patented system to remove polyethylene from the feedstock without filtration
Selected projects

Over the past two decades, we have engineered, built and commissioned more than 20 large-scale industrial plants on four continents. When applying BDI PreTreatment technology, our customers can use various types of feedstock for usage in their downstream process to produce biofuels. With a comprehensive customer service, we additionally ensure long-lasting customer satisfaction.

PreTreatment and BioDiesel plant Crimson Renewable Energy L.P. (Bakersfield, USA)
PreTreatment of waste oils and fats

  • Client: Crimson Renewable Energy L.P.
  • Commissioning: 2021
  • Capacity: 40,000 tons per year
  • Raw material: High-FFA waste oils and fats, UCO, animal fat
  • Products: Feedstock for BioDiesel plant

PreTreatment and BioDiesel Plant Argent Energy Ltd. (Stanlow, UK - Phase 1+2)
Planning, delivery, construction and commissioning of Waste Oil and Fat PreTreatment

  • Client: Argent Energy Ltd. (UK)
  • Commissioning: 2017
  • Capacity: 75,000 tons per year
  • Raw material: Cat.1 animal fats, used cooking oil, high-FFA waste oil and fat
  • Products: Feedstock for BioDiesel plant

PreTreatment and BioDiesel Plant ASB Biodiesel Ltd. (Hong Kong, HK)
"The world's largest Multi-Feedstock BioDiesel plant"

  • Customer: ASB Biodiesel Ltd.
  • Commissioning: 2013
  • Capacity: 100,000 tons per year
  • Raw material: Animal fat, used cooking oil, trap grease, palm sludge oil
  • Products: Feedstock for BioDiesel plant

PreTreatment and BioDiesel Plant Entaban Biocombustibles de Galicia SA (Bilbao, Spain)
PreTreatment for vegetable oils

  • Customer: Entaban
  • Commissioning: 2008
  • Capacity: 200,000 tons per year
  • Raw material: Vegetable oil
  • Products: Feedstock for BioDiesel plant
The unique feedstock PreTreatment Process