BDI BioDiesel

Clean Energy thanks to multi-feedstock technology

Our tailor-made BDI BioDiesel plants work with the Multi-Feedstock process we have developed ourselves. This enables various types of raw materials to be transferred into valuable BioDiesel.

In contrast to conventional BioDiesel processes, the use of BDI RepCAT technology allows us to avoid costly processing of by-products. In addition, the use of a recyclable catalyst significantly improves the quality of the products (BioDiesel and glycerin).


BioDiesel applications
Types of raw materials

The production of BioDiesel from raw materials such as waste oils and fats, as well as virgin vegetable oils, has established itself as a trend-setting path. Nevertheless, there is still enormous potential in untapped raw material to be further exploited.

Used cooking oils

Used cooking oils are the most important recycling material for BioDiesel production. The largest quantities are generated in industry and commerce. The number of collection companies that specialize in the removal of these substances is increasing worldwide. In addition, the collection of used cooking oils from households offers great potential, as the recycling rate in this sector is still low.

Animal fats

The use of animal fats is closely related to the production of BioDiesel in Europe. Due to the problem of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), also known as mad cow disease, the use of animal by-products, which are legally defined as risk materials, is linked to compliance with official requirements and operational controls. The basis for processing these so-called Category 1 and 2 risk fats is the BDI Multi-Feedstock process (MF 100), which has been approved by the EU as an official waste disposal technology.

Trap grease

Wherever edible fats and oils are used - for example in the food industry, canteens, restaurants or supermarkets - trap grease can be separated from the contaminated wastewater as a valuable raw material. For this purpose, it is necessary to provide a grease trap before discharging into the sewer system. Thanks to BDI Multi-Feedstock technology, the trap grease obtained is ideally suited for the production of high-quality BioDiesel and, at the same time, a waste and energy problem for many municipalities can be solved. Another advantage is that problems in the sewage system, which can be attributed to improper disposal, are avoided. The best example is the disposal of the fatberg in London using BDI BioDiesel technology. More information can be found in this article.

BioDiesel technology

We are the benchmark in the engineering and construction of industrial BioDiesel plants. The unsurpassed flexibility in the use of raw materials, maximum yield, low operating and maintenance costs as well as the well-known reliability of our plants guarantee the highest possible efficiency and profitability. Product quality in all cases exceeds the strictest quality standards such as EN14214 and ASTM D6751.


BDI has developed its RepCAT technology for processing raw materials with a high proportion of free fatty acids (FFA). This innovative process can transfer raw materials containing up to 99 percent FFA. The specially developed system allows the catalyst to be reused within the process, which significantly reduces operating costs. A further advantage compared to other industrial processes is the production of absolutely salt-free glycerin of distilled quality. The RepCAT process has been positively evaluated for the use of high-risk fats (definition according to EU Regulation No. 1069/2009) by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Technological competitive advantages
  • Maximum raw material flexibility – no limits to FFA content in the raw material
  • Technically maximum yield
  • No waste of which to be disposed from the process, but instead reusable or saleable by-products
  • Exceeding all applicable BioDiesel quality standards
  • Many years of international experience in large-scale industrial implementation
Selected projects

Over the past two decades, we have engineered, built and commissioned more than 40 large-scale industrial BioDiesel plants on four continents. When applying BDI Multi-Feedstock technology, our customers can produce high-quality BioDiesel from various raw materials for a wide variety of industrial requirements. With a comprehensive customer service, we additionally ensure long-lasting customer satisfaction.

BioDiesel plant Crimson Renewable Energy L.P. (Bakersfield, USA)
BDI RepCAT technology for waste oils and fats from California

  • Client: Crimson Renewable Energy L.P.
  • Technology: RepCAT RC100
  • Commissioning: 2021, under construction
  • Raw material: High-FFA waste oils and fats, UCO, animal fat
  • Products. BioDiesel ASTM D6751
  • By-products: Distilled glycerine, bio-heating oil

BioDiesel Plant Argent Energy Ltd. (Stanlow, UK - Phase 1+2)
Planning, delivery, construction and commissioning of the Multi-Feedstock BioDiesel plant including high-FFA esterification

  • Client: Argent Energy Ltd. (UK)
  • Technology: Multi-Feedstock MF100+ (incl. high-FFA esterification)
  • Commissioning: 2017
  • Capacity: 75,000 tons per year
  • Raw material: Cat.1 animal fats, used cooking oil, high-FFA waste oil and fat
  • Products: BioDiesel EN14214
  • By-products: Glycerin, potassium sulfate, bio-heating oil

BioDiesel Plant ASB Biodiesel Ltd. (Hong Kong, HK)
"The world's largest Multi-Feedstock BioDiesel plant"

  • Customer: ASB Biodiesel Ltd.
  • Technology: Multi-Feedstock MF100+ (incl. high-FFA esterification)
  • Commissioning: 2013
  • Capacity: 100,000 tons per year
  • Raw material: Animal fat, used cooking oil, trap grease, palm sludge oil
  • Products: BioDiesel EN14214
  • By-products: Glycerin, potassium sulfate, bio-heating oil

BioDiesel plant Münzer Bioindustrie GmbH (Vienna, AT)
Turnkey project | BioDiesel pipeline to refinery - short transport routes

  • Customer: Münzer Bioindustrie GmbH (AT)
  • Technology: Multi-Feedstock MF30, glycerin distillation
  • Commissioning: 2006
  • Capacity: 140,000 tons per year
  • Raw material: Vegetable oil, used cooking oil
  • Products: BioDiesel EN14214
  • By-products: Pharmaceutical-grade glycerin, potassium sulfate

BioDiesel plant Argent Energy Ltd. (Motherwell, UK - incl. expansion 2012)
First EU-sponsored plant for animal fat of the CAT 1+2

  • Client: Argent Energy Ltd. (UK)
  • Technology: Multi-Feedstock MF100, high-FFA esterification
  • Commissioning: 2005
  • Capacity: 45,000 tons per year
  • Raw material: Cat.1 animal fat, used cooking oil, high-FFA waste oil and fat
  • Products: BioDiesel EN14214
  • By-products: Glycerin, potassium sulfate, bio-heating oil

Additional BioDiesel plants

Client Plant tons per year
Biodiesel Amsterdam BV Amsterdam (NL) 100.000
Estener Le Havre (FR) 75.000
Biodiesel Producers Ltd. Barnawartha (AU) 50.000
Daka Denmark A/S Løsning (DK) 50.000
ecoMotion GmbH Lünen (DE) 2x 50.000
Green Biofuels Ireland Ltd. New Ross (IE) 30.000
Ecomotion Biodiesel, S.A. Barcelona (ES) 31.000
Griffin Industries, INC. Butler, KY (US) 5.000


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