BDI RetroFit

Plant optimisation from the technology leader

Do you have a BioDiesel plant that was not engineered or built by BDI?
Are you unable to process low-cost raw materials?

Make your plant more profitable and future-proof!

We optimize your existing BioDiesel plant and bring it up to date with BDI technology. The implementation of our proprietary RetroFit program in existing industrial plants increases raw material flexibility and simultaneously improves BioDiesel quality.

This innovative measure also permits the use of raw materials of inferior quality, such as used cooking oils, animal fats and trap grease. BDI BioDiesel distillation ensures that the quality of the fuel produced remains consistently high even with inferior raw material quality.

RetroFit applications

Due to rising prices for fully refined vegetable oils and simultaneously decreasing quality of low-cost residues and waste fat materials, the use of highly flexible technologies is necessary. In addition, there is the environmental political will to make energy supply more independent, to process waste and residual materials into clean energy and to become sustainably "greener".

Thanks to the implementation of new process steps or an adaptation in the use of operating resources, optimization of original systems can be achieved. Improved raw material pre-processing and adaptation of distillation technology result in a higher output of high-quality BioDiesel.

With BDI’s high-FFA process, raw materials with up to 99 percent free fatty acid content can be used. This results in advantages for the plant operator such as the use of new raw material sources, reduction of total raw material costs and reduced consumption of operating materials. The by-product glycerin can also be processed into a high-quality product.

RetroFit technology

Every BioDiesel plant is unique. Simple standard solutions to improve individual parameters such as yield, product quality or raw material flexibility are therefore ineffective.

In order to achieve an optimal result, it is necessary to develop an individual overall concept for each plant and to implement optimal technical solutions. The result is a sustained improvement in plant performance.

Our one-stop-shop includes all necessary steps for successful plant optimization:

  1. Status evaluation
  2. Pre-engineering
  3. Offer preparation
  4. Authorization procedure
  5. Engineering and delivery
  6. Implementation
  7. Commissioning
  8. Customer service

Additional RetroFit services

  • Training of plant operators
  • Production support
  • Analytical support
  • Safety evaluation
Selected projects

Thanks to our many years of expertise in BioDiesel plant construction, we have the know-how to identify the potential for improvement in every existing plant and to engineer and install suitable solutions. Since the introduction of the RetroFit program, we have successfully carried out more than 30 future-proof projects worldwide.

  • Client: Kolmar Americas Inc.
  • Location: New Haven (USA)
  • Year of execution: 2017
  • RetroFit units: BioDiesel purification stages, fat/raw material processing
  • Client: Crimson Renewable Energy L.P.
  • Location: Bakersfield (USA)
  • Year of execution: 2014
  • RetroFit units: BioDiesel purification stages, installation of a by-product line
  • Client: Elin Biofuels
  • Location: Volos S.A. (GR)
  • Year of execution: 2013
  • RetroFit units: Advanced esterification and ECO distillation

Additional RetroFit and engineering projects

  • Argent Energy Ltd. (UK)
  • Cargill Deutschland GmbH (DE)
  • ecoMotion GmbH (DE)
  • GALP Energia (PT)
  • Total S.A.(BE)
  • Rothsay Biodiesel (CN)
RetroFit program for optimizing your biodiesel plant