Feedstock PreTreatment

Know-how in all Types of Feedstock for the Renewable Diesel Industry

Renewable diesel and co-processing plants are focusing on using all different types of biological oils and fats. Such plants are sensitive to feedstock quality and require extremely low contaminations by e.g. phosphor or metals. Putting all together, the key for a successful design of a feedstock PreTreatment plant is a high expertise about fresh oils, waste oils and fats as well as the different refining steps to be applied.

For the last 20+ years, BDI has gained vast experience with PreTreatment of various types of feedstock available. Is it canola oil from Canada or palm sludge oil from Indonesia – we have done in-house testing in lab- and pilot scale. In addition, our know-how in engineering allows us to combine proven process units for a state-of-the-art PreTreatment plant. We have demonstrated this in numerous reference plants worldwide.

We have the expertise to develop, design and build a tailor-made feedstock PreTreatment for renewable diesel e.g. HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oils) and co-processing plants.

For detailed inquiries please contact us at sales@bdi-bioenergy.com

Feedstock PreTreatment, raw material processing with focus on biodiesel & plant construction