Smart Operations

Process optimization using an advanced process controll system


The performance of a biodiesel production is highly dependent on the control of the plant, which primarily correlates with the experience level and the technical qualification of the plant operator. Even one process step beyond the ideal range can significantly reduce the overall production capacity and product quality and consequently jeopardize profitability.

From the very beginning, BDI has been working on optimizing automated process control. By incorporating state-ofthe-art software tools based on artificial intelligence, BDI is breaking new ground in process automation with Smart Operations – envisioning a fully automated, self-learning production plant.


The most powerful tool for process optimization in biodiesel production is the advanced process control system (APCS) from BDI’s Smart Operations product range. Data analysis is used to create mathematical algorithms that map and iteratively optimize the individual production steps.

As a higher level control system, APCS provides the optimum setpoints for the individual process steps in real time, compensates for raw material deviations, avoids process disturbances and enables precise planning of maintenance intervals.


Smart Operations - plant automation for industrial biodiesel plants